Bookseller Diaries No. 3

Have you ever completely lost it to fangirl mode or just acted like a complete moron in front of your favorite author? Come on…you know what I’m talking about. The staring with no words coming out of your mouth.  The awkward “OMG I love you!!!” then spill a drink on them.

Fangirl Meme

Alas, I can say I’ve newer spilled a drink on anyone (other than family and friends).  What I have done is….run into Charlaine Harris in the ladies room and just stood there watching her wash her hands cuz you know…that’s not weird. I asked Lee Child how tall he was and compared his good looks to Alexander Skarsgard. Thank god he thought I was hilarious and didn’t call security. I might have told JR Ward I loved her while clutching one of her books to me. What I wanted to say was that I loved her BOOKS. What made things weird was me just standing there looking at her while she politely smiled at me and her mom looked at me like I was a lunatic.

I’ve asked a few authors I know about this subject. Each and every one has responded that these things happen and that it’s not a big deal. Readers are generally introverts and some are socially awkward or have high anxiety.  What the common reader doesn’t know is that they are the same as you!  They fangirl over the fangirls! They are just as excited and nervous and anxious as you are about meeting them.

So, go ahead and show your love to your favorite author.  Bring a wingman or wingwoman with you to keep you in check (that’s what I do) and make awesome memories. Now…who is going to volunteer to be my wingwoman at Book Bonanza in Denver because with the lineup they have of amazing attending authors it might just push me over the edge……

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We are three girlfriends who love to read and spread the word.

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