Biblio-Files vol.1

Surprise…I love to read!! I know, your shocked!! But it’s true!! I have piles of books to be read. I buy them, I download them and I borrow them. My friends read, my mother reads, my siblings read, my Nana reads, my husband reads (Sexy right?!), my daughter reads! I am surrounded by readers!!! But…my son doesn’t read! What???!!!! I read to him from day one! We went to the library every dang week! But, as he grew older the books started to get turned away. It’s tragic really! He will read for school because hebhas to. But for entertainment, Nope!! I understand he is a 17 year old man child finding his way in the world. But to raise a non reader, OY!! What am I to do? I have tried everything! He’s just not interested! I am holding out hope! Has anyone ever had a non reader who miraculously changed into a reader?? Tell me there is hope!!

~ A Bibliophile ❤️📚

Author: abooknerdabooksellerandabibliophile

We are three girlfriends who love to read and spread the word.

One thought on “Biblio-Files vol.1”

  1. When I was around 14 I started going boy crazy, and I became more interested in makeup and clothes than books (weird right?!). For Christmas my parents usually got a few gift cards for my siblings and me as stocking stuffers, and I remember that year one of them was for Borders. At first I was annoyed, because I had given them a list of places I liked to shop and it had all been clothing stores. But my Mom said something about missing how much I used to read, so she hoped I could find something I liked. I ended up purchasing a new release by an author I whose backlist I had finished long ago. I immediately fell back in love, and now when I’m faced with the choice of purchasing mascara or another romance novel, it’s books every time. So my suggestion would be to add a bookstore gift card into his birthday or Christmas gift, that way he has free reign to treat himself to a shiny new book, and maybe he’ll fall back in love with reading. Good luck!


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