Biblio-Files vol.2

So this edition piggybacks on my last commentary about my son not being a reader. I assume, since you are reading this that you too are a lover of all things book related. I can’t imagine a world without reading! Life would be so mundane! Work, house cleaning, errands! Blah!! When I open a book I travel into other worlds, different times, experiencing the lives of strangers that become new friends or enemies. I get to be that proverbial fly on a wall. I invest myself emotionally in every book I read. Books take me out of my comfort zone yet I get to physically stay in my own comfortable world! For me, nothing is better than losing myself in a good book. I can’t imagine my life with reading? What do you think your life would be like without reading? Could you even stand it?

~ A Bibliophile ❤️📚

Author: abooknerdabooksellerandabibliophile

We are three girlfriends who love to read and spread the word.

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