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Hearts Intertwined by K.L. Myers is releasing November 11th!


Release DAY price will be 3.99

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I never thought of Paisley Reed as the other half of my heart. I loved her like family— the kind of love that means someone will always be in your life, but not the kind that has you wanting to run down the aisle. At least that was what I told myself.

When tragedy strikes, leaving me and my daughter all alone, Paisley steps in to help. It doesn’t take me long to start seeing Paisley for the precious gem she is, but did I realize this a little too late?

I’ve always loved Braxton, but I knew there was no way he’d ever see me as more than his best friend. My love went unrequited for far too many years. I’d finally given up, sealed a piece of my heart under lock and key, and learned to live with the knowledge that he’d never be mine.

Then fate opened the door for me in an unimaginable way. Do I take a leap, unlock my heart, and hope for the best? Or should I continue being his best friend, knowing he’ll never love me as much as I love him?


Release DAY price will be 3.99

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Braxton placed his hands on the outside of her legs, and slowly he pushed her skirt up as his fingers traveled toward her ass. He gripped her silk underwear in his palms, Braxton wanted to rid her of them quickly. His fingers grasped the sides, and in one tug, her legs uncrossed and he ripped them down her thighs and tossed them on the floor beside him. Without hesitation, he quickly moved each of her legs over his shoulders, exposing her center to him. He could smell her arousal and see the glistening of her desire against the most sacred part of her body. He closed his eyes for a moment as his tongue darted out to brush against his bottom lip.

Paisley mewled.

“Show me, Braxton.”

His eyes raised to meet hers.

“Show me how much you want me.”

She didn’t have to ask him again. He was bound and determined to enlighten her that she had nothing to be concerned about. His tongue flitted from between his lips, finding its pleasure at the entrance to her slit. With one lick, he could taste her desire on his tongue. Her juices were so heady that it forced a growl from between his lips. “You taste so fucking amazing, butterfly. I’m never going to be able to get enough of you.”


Release DAY price will be 3.99

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K.L. Myers was born in West Berlin, Germany, the daughter of a military father. She then spent her childhood moving from continent to continent, finally landing permanently in Colorado when her father retired.Eventually, she moved to “hell,” aka Arizona, where she resides with her husband & their fur babies. She has two daughters & four grandchildren, and she believes in living every day to the fullest.

K.L. has a passion for reading and writing hot romance when she is not juggling family & a full-time job. Her novels show a pension for a bad boy with a heart of gold and strong, independent women who don’t need rescuing, and just a taste of naughty redemption! Her characters will pull you in & leave you satiated, yet panting for more, More, MORE!

Her motto will always be – “If my books can give readers a brief reprieve from their everyday life for even just a moment, I have achieved my dreams and lived a full life.”


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We are three girlfriends who love to read and spread the word.

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