How Books Helped This Introvert to People Better β€οΈπŸ“š

By A Bibliophile

I love books, peopleing not so much. I am a nurse, a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a friend. All of these things tend to be draining on my soul. As an introvert, I refill my tank during my alone time. This alone time is when I read. The BBBGirls motto is that β€œwe lose ourselves in books and we find ourselves there too”. I love experiencing the different worlds and personalities. In books you get to live a life that you never would have, if not in a book. Maybe it’s escapism, I don’t know, I don’t care. It fills my soul.

That being said, it also made me come out of my comfort zone by helping me to interact with humans on a social level. And actually enjoy it. I have made more friends than I ever had as a child. All because of a shared love of reading. I have driven across many states (by myself) to stay at the home of someone who I met through books. At the time I hadn’t even met her in person!! Hello, waaayyy out of my comfort zone! I’ve become part of a blog that has given me opportunity to talk to so many new people. I skype into our monthly book chats. Staring at my own face speaking is terrifying by the way. I’ve started going to signings and actually speaking to authors whose books I have loved. Madness! I no longer sit quietly in the background and just watch everyone else living their best life. Books have given me strength, knowledge, and self-esteem. I have realized that I can also fill my soul by sharing my love of reading with all of you!

Author: abooknerdabooksellerandabibliophile

We are three girlfriends who love to read and spread the word.

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