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Reclaim by Aly Martinez
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The story of Nora Stewart is as heartbreaking as I expected it to be! But it’s also heartwarming. I love how this book was written to fill in the unknowns of what was happening with Nora while we were all so wrapped up in Ramsey and Thea’s story in Release. No matter how much Ramsey tried to protect his little sister, Nora never got the innocence of a childhood. But with Camden Cole she was able to have fun and maybe forget her life for a little. I loved Camden and how he kept showing up like Nora’s guardian angel. The way their relationship evolved over the years was absolutely adorable. I honestly don’t know what to say in this review because I’m worried about spoilers. All I can say is read Release first. Then read Reclaim for Nora’s story. You won’t be sorry when you meet nerdy, hot freaking Camden Cole and witness sweet Nora get her HEA!



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Amazon: https://amzn.to/35VOdw8
Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/ReclaimAlyM

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