Weekly Reads….

It’s Sunday!!!! Here on the East Coast we have been dealing with rain…..a lot of rain; with that falling from the sky, it’s the perfect time to just stay in doors and read….so, here are the books that we have been reading for the week…..you never know, you may find your next TBR.

~A Book Nerd📚

Kerrigan Byrne Author Page

Staci Hart

Sidney Halston

J.T. Geissinger – Author

K. Bromberg

Jade Webb

Maria Luis Author

Kelsey Kingsley

Author Jennifer Probst Fan Page

Penelope Ward

Author Vi Keeland

Karina Halle

Cora Brent

Heather M. Orgeron

Lauren Dane

Amy Daws

Rachel Van Dyken

Author Jamie McGuire

Author Jana Aston

Thea Harrison

Claire Kingsley

Lucy Score

Penelope Douglas

Drew Elyse

Mia Sheridanhttps://abooknerdabooksellerandabibliophile.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/video-1.mov

K.I. Lynn

Biblio-Files vol.2

So this edition piggybacks on my last commentary about my son not being a reader. I assume, since you are reading this that you too are a lover of all things book related. I can’t imagine a world without reading! Life would be so mundane! Work, house cleaning, errands! Blah!! When I open a book I travel into other worlds, different times, experiencing the lives of strangers that become new friends or enemies. I get to be that proverbial fly on a wall. I invest myself emotionally in every book I read. Books take me out of my comfort zone yet I get to physically stay in my own comfortable world! For me, nothing is better than losing myself in a good book. I can’t imagine my life with reading? What do you think your life would be like without reading? Could you even stand it?

~ A Bibliophile ❤️📚

Biblio-Files vol.1

Surprise…I love to read!! I know, your shocked!! But it’s true!! I have piles of books to be read. I buy them, I download them and I borrow them. My friends read, my mother reads, my siblings read, my Nana reads, my husband reads (Sexy right?!), my daughter reads! I am surrounded by readers!!! But…my son doesn’t read! What???!!!! I read to him from day one! We went to the library every dang week! But, as he grew older the books started to get turned away. It’s tragic really! He will read for school because hebhas to. But for entertainment, Nope!! I understand he is a 17 year old man child finding his way in the world. But to raise a non reader, OY!! What am I to do? I have tried everything! He’s just not interested! I am holding out hope! Has anyone ever had a non reader who miraculously changed into a reader?? Tell me there is hope!!

~ A Bibliophile ❤️📚