Bookseller Diaries

Bookseller Diary  No. 1

Observations at the bookstore –

 Why do people shop in their pajamas? You know….the flannel pants with Hello Kitty on them accompanied with the slippers and a hoodie with a snarky quote like “I need more coffee before I talk to you”. When did that become acceptable attire to shop in? I mean… I work in a bookstore so we are all about expressing oneself.  Cosplay to your favorite Manga series? YES!!! Dress as Mr. Darcy to impress your girlfriend? HELL YES!!! That’s ok to me. Yet the middle age mother in me wants to scream at these people that think PJ’s are ok at the store. I just want to say ”Really?? This is the best you could do??”

Maybe I’m just old.  Maybe I’m just too judgmental.  Maybe people are just lazy. I don’t know but what I do know is that I’ll never change my attitude on this subject.

And that’s just my two cents on that subject.  What do you think?