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What an amazing week for reading!!! We’ve got a great lineup for you…so sit back, grab your beverage of choice and get that #oneclick finger ready!

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Title: The Traveler: Chimera Rebellion
Series: The Book of Eleanor #1
Author: Shannon Nemechek
Genre: Historical Time Travel Romance 
with a twist of fantasy
Release Date: December 5, 2019


As a self-professed
book nerd, Army Major Katie Butler has hunted many rare books in her
While on leave in
Savannah Katie visits with a voodoo priestess who tells the story of Eleanor
MacAllister and a long-lost book, claimed to be cursed. With her curiosity
Katie is determined
to find the lost book and reveal the secrets it holds. 
What she finds
could change everything.
Swept back in time,
Katie suddenly finds herself immersed in a country at war with itself.
Determined to find her way back home, her plans begin to change when she meets
the dashing Confederate officer, Captain Colm O’Donnell.
Captain O’Donnell
despises slavery and when his father leaves him the family plantation, Colm
immediately sets out to make changes. Having devoted his life to military
service and his family’s plantation, Colm has very little time for anything
else. With his country embroiled in war, he has even less free time.
Until he meets
Katie Butler. 
Convinced the
pretty young woman with sable hair and big blue eyes, is a spy, Colm is
determined to find out the truth.
Will their secrets
destroy the love they have found? Or, will they find a future together? 
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99c for a limited time!
Eleanor had only
been in Charleston a short time when someone from Boston recognized her and
began to make her life difficult. She was no witch, but as things began to heat
up for her, she felt the only thing she could do was to pack up and head to
another town. Before leaving Charleston, she had been warned to keep her wits
about her by a fellow healer she had met on her travels throughout the
colonies. It was a dangerous world, especially in the middle of a war.
She had a few
shillings to her name that might get her a room at a boarding house for a night
or two. Hopefully by then she could find some work and begin to rebuild her
life once again. Walking along the muddied road of Ellis Square, she finally
came upon a house with a sign that read, “Accepting
boarders. Inquire inside.”
She placed her bags on the ground for a moment
to peer at the sign.
Grasping her bags,
she headed toward the door of the house. As she approached, it swung open,
knocking her to the ground. Almost cursing, she held her tongue and looked
up…and her heart fell into her throat. A young man, one she guessed was close
to her age, stood before her, his hand extended to hers.
“I’m so sorry, my
lady. It never occurred to me that someone might be coming in. Are you okay? I
didn’t hurt you, did I?”
Eleanor grasped his
hand and as the light from the oil lamp hit his face she gasped, her heart
stopping. For a moment the entire world disappeared. He was most handsome and
quite appealing to her, and thoughts of a most pleasant nature crept into her
mind. Sweeping them aside, she got to her feet and attempted to brush the mud
from her dress, now soaked clear through to her undergarments.
“I can manage. Thank
you,” she said as she grabbed for her bags.
“Let me help you
with those, Mrs…”
“Mrs. Eleanor
MacAllister of County Donegal, late of Boston and Charleston. I am a healer.”
“A healer, say you?
I myself hale from County Donegal. Colm O’Donnell at your service, mistress.
And where be your husband?”
“Well, Mr.
O’Donnell, I have not yet wed. Perhaps someday.” Eleanor smiled and gathered
herself as Mr. O’Donnell led her into the inn.
now, Mrs. O’Flannery, where be you? I have a young mistress that needs a room.”
Colm’s voice rang throughout the inn and the patrons turned their gaze toward
Eleanor and Colm.
Eleanor attempted to
hide her face, but she could feel their stares on the back of her neck and it
made the hairs stand on end. How she hated being the center of attention. All
she wanted was a room and a place to bed down. She was so very tired and so
very hungry. She had not eaten in days and it was beginning to weigh on her. As
she looked around the room, an older woman appeared at the stairwell and made
her way down the steps. Eleanor observed the weathered lines in the woman’s
face and the frailty of her gait.
“Why, Mr. O’Donnell.
Did you not just leave?” the old woman said as she passed by, patting Colm on
the shoulder.
“Aye, yes, Mrs. O’Flannery,
that I did. But I ran into Mistress MacAllister. She will be in need of a room
and will need the privy.”
Mrs. O’Flannery
walked toward Eleanor, who stood with her head still covered in her cape. “Let
me help you, my child. I will get you upstairs and Mr. O’Donnell will fetch
young Maggie to assist.
“Thank you, Mrs.
O’Flannery.” Eleanor looked around the quaint inn and found an empty chair
along the wall near the door. Colm had already returned from summoning the
young maid and pulled the chair out for her.
“Maggie won’t be
long. So, Mistress Eleanor, what brings you to Savannah?”
Eleanor paused for a
moment; this was the one question she was hoping to avoid although she had
already concocted a story. “Well now, Mr. O’Donnell, that is a most interesting
story and one I fear should be made once I have a clearer head about me.”
“Ah, yes. I am quite
sure you are exhausted from your travels. Perhaps tomorrow we may sit and
talk,” Colm replied.
“Aye, yes, perhaps.”
“MacAllister, you
say? Seems to me my father knew some MacAllisters. What part of County Donegal
did you say you hailed from?”
“I didn’t,” Eleanor
replied with a flirtatious grin. “Perhaps we will discuss that tomorrow.” It
was then that a young woman scampered down the stairs, almost shaking the very
foundation of the inn. Eleanor surmised she was not more than her own age of
“Must you make a
ruckus every time you come downstairs, Maggie?” Mrs. O’Flannery protested.
“No, Mistress. I
will try to remember to be more courteous.” 
“You would do well
to remember that, my dear. Now hurry and help Mistress Eleanor, and Mr.
O’Donnell will be up with her bags. Get her a warm bath and help her prepare
for bed. Take her to the room next to mine.”
Author Bio
Shannon is
a USA Today Bestselling Author of over 18 novels and novellas.
Shannon is
a multi-genre author who writes, Military, Contemporary, Historical
Romance and is working on her first Fantasy series.
started her writing career while still serving in the US Army.
grew up in Macomb, IL where she graduated from High School in 1987 and soon
after joined the US Army. Shannon served from 1987 to 2015 during Operation
Desert Storm and during Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
In April 2015 Shannon retired from the US Army with 23 years
of service as a Unit Supply Sergeant. She is a mother of 4 children and a
grandma to 2 beautiful Granddaughters. She has been married 26 years to her
husband, Ken. They reside in Staunton, IL a small town along Old Route 66.
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O….M….G!!! This cover!!!!!

Tin Gypsy #2
Release Date: January 21st, 2020
Purchase Details: www.devneyperry.com/books/riven-knight

Genevieve Daylee didn’t expect to be standing in front of a judge on her twenty-seventh birthday. But ever since her life became entangled with a former motorcycle gang, she’s learned not to expect anything but trouble.

Her mother, a woman she once admired and adored, is gone, leaving behind a trail of secrets and lies. She’s living in a tiny apartment above a garage owned by her brother, a man who loathes her very existence. And the father she met beside her mother’s grave is as much of a stranger as Isaiah Reynolds, the broken man with soulless eyes standing beside her in front of the judge.

Isaiah is her protector from the murderer at large in Clifton Forge. Though he’s more like a riven knight in dented armor than a prince on a white stallion. She knows next to nothing about him, other than he works as a mechanic. As of tonight, he’ll be sharing her bathroom.

And, according to the judge, Isaiah is now her husband.

Excerpt reveal….

DARE YOU not to fall HEAD OVER HEELS for sweet, sweet Nico!
Jilted: Nico & Sophie by USA Today bestseller Tess Thompson is arriving November 18th…

But first… preorder!!!
Amazon → https://amzn.to/33gQDB1
Apple → https://apple.co/35v1BoC
Barnes & Noble → http://bit.ly/2MsfMSx
Kobo → http://bit.ly/2VuNJGo

#cliffsidebay #jilted #nicoandsophie #sweetromance #comingsoon


Despite being young and romantically inexperienced, Sophie Woods is an old soul who believes in true love, working hard at her bar, and always trusting her instincts. And from the moment she meets Nico, she knows without a doubt that he is her one-and-only. Twelve years her senior, the handsome architect is only sure of two things when it comes to Sophie: she’s far too young for him, and he wants no part in upsetting her protective older brother.

Broke and broken, Nico Bentley moves to Cliffside Bay for a fresh start at both work and play. But in a cruel twist of fate, it’s the one woman he can’t have whose captivating smile makes him forget all about his past. Yet when tragedy turns the vivacious Sophie into a shell of her former self, it will be Nico, and only Nico, who steps up to bring the joy back into her life. And in the process, the depth of his feelings for her can no longer be ignored.

In this installment of USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson’s beloved Cliffside Bay Series, return to the small town that warms your heart and take a trip halfway across the world to discover hope, healing, and the importance of happiness.


Nico folded over from his waist to place her on the bed. Her arms remained around his neck as he tried to set her down gently. She was still damp from the shower too, which made her stick to him. How did men do this in the movies?

The weight of her pulled him down with her and they landed together with a thud on top of the comforter. She made a little oomph sound like he’d hurt her. Then, her legs spread slightly to accommodate him. He raised his head. “I’m sorry.” His damn body was betraying him. He was hard under his jeans and the damn nuisance was pressing into her belly. That belly. Curved just right. And those generous hips. Great, now his hands were stuck under her. The two of them were practically glued together. All he had to do was lean a little closer and he could kiss her. A hard kiss that could go on and on.

She looked up at him. “Nico?”

“Yeah?” They were so close he could count the freckles on her perky nose.

“Is that what I think it is?”

He nodded, then hung his head. “I’m sorry. For guys, sometimes things happen even when you really don’t want them to.”

“I’ve never felt one before.”

“What?” That brought him back to reality. She’d never felt an erection before? “You’ve never messed around with a guy to the point where things happened?”

She looked up at him with her enormous eyes. “I’ve only kissed a few guys. And never like this.”

“How is that possible?”

“I’ve been waiting for the right one.”

Holy batman. What was he doing? This was even worse than he thought. He was the biggest jerk in the entire world. He’d known she was a virgin, but figured she had some experience with men. But she’d never…it was too much. He’d been right all along. Sophie was innocent and way, way too young for him. Did she have any idea how many women he’d been with? Not a ton compared to some, but enough to make him a definite man-whore compared to her experience. She deserved so much better than some old, slutty guy on top of her.

He would not, could not be that guy.

About Tess

Tess Thompson is a USA Today bestselling author of small-town romance and historical fiction, with nearly 20 titles across multiple series that focus on heartwarming journeys of triumph and humanity for colorful characters you’d love to be friends with in real life.

Tess holds a degree in theater from the University of Southern California (go Trojans!), and can be found most days at her desk in suburban Seattle, where she also makes her home with the hero of her own love story and their blended family of two sons, two daughters, and five cats.

Tess loves music, dancing, books, bubble baths, cooking, wine, movies, snuggling, Seahawks football, and hearing from her readers. Drop her a line at tess@tthompsonwrites.com.

Find Tess Online!
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2x9Ng26
BookBub: http://bit.ly/2esOcrn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTessThompson
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2vClTfX
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/tesswrites
Website: https://www.tesswrites.com

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Happy Sunday bookies!!!!

Shew….what a week!!! A Bookseller and myself attended Indies Invade Philly yesterday….we met sooooo many new authors to us and got to see some old friends.

Winter has arrived here in Delaware…..we have some chilly temps……perfect day to sit inside and read with a hot beverage….so sit back and get that #oneclick finger ready…

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Cover Reveal…..

Enemies - CR banneredit

Stone Reeves was my neighbor, and I’ve hated him since sixth grade.

Enemies, an all-new enemies to lovers stand-alone sports romance from New York Times bestselling author Tijan, is coming December 2nd and we have the incredible over!


Gorgeous and charismatic, he became the town’s football god, while I became the town’s invisible girl.

He went to a Division 1 school for football, while my father was fired by his father.

His team won the National Championship, while my mother died the same day.

He was a first round pick for the NFL …

… while I made the worst decision in my life.

Now I’m in Texas trying to pick up the pieces of my life.

But, Stone is here.

Stone is everywhere.

It doesn’t matter that disaster has struck my life again.

It doesn’t matter that he’s the one trying to console me.

It doesn’t matter that he’s the nation’s newest football obsession.

Because for me, he always has been and always will be my enemy.

** Enemies is a 107k enemies-to-lovers football romance standalone!


Pre-order your copy today!

AppleBooks: https://apple.co/2rhgwTz

Nook: http://bit.ly/2JW0KEm

Kobo: http://bit.ly/32otpYM

Be notified FIRST when Enemies is goes live on Amazon: http://bit.ly/34wRy0S

Add ENEMIES to Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2rjDSbk

About Tijan

Tijan is a New York Times Bestselling author that writes suspenseful and unpredictable novels. Her characters are strong, intense, and gut-wrenchingly real with a little bit of sass on the side. Tijan began writing later in life and once she started, she was hooked. She’s written multi-bestsellers including the Carter Reed Series, the Fallen Crest Series, and the Broken and Screwed Series among others. She is currently writing a new YA series along with so many more from north Minnesota where she lives with a man she couldn’t be without and an English Cocker she adores.

Connect with Tijan

Amazon: https://amzn.to/30oxe0f

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tijansbooks/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tijansbooks


Reader Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TijansFanPage/

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2EcGBqB

BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/tijan

Website: http://www.tijansbooks.com/

Cover Reveal….

🔥🔥 Cover Reveal 🔥🔥
Miles Ahead by Willow Aster releases on November 21st. Get ready for Miles’s happily ever after!

Nice guys finish last.

At least that’s how I feel when I watch my ex-girlfriend marry someone else. 

But when I’m showing a prime piece of real estate and in walks the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen, I don’t really think about nice or my ex or anything but how to get to know her better.

Cort Sellers has baggage of her own—secrets she’s not ready to reveal, and a career that puts her whole life on display—but the more I get to know her, the more I’m willing to do anything it takes to win her heart.

A novella spin-off of 5,331 Miles 

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/MilesAhead-GR

Catch up on the series with book 1 — 5,331 Miles!

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2Tnnh2O

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2IQdrlQ

Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2INDZnS

Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2EIepfN